Commitment to Health and Safety

We are committed to providing peace of mind to our community by working to deliver quality meals and upholding the highest standards of health and safety. We use responsibly sourced produce and meat and ensure that, from growth to harvest and preparation to delivery, every life involved is healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Our Farms

Our farmers and suppliers maintain the highest standards of food safety regulations. We make sure our farmers and suppliers meet our own stringent health and safety standards. Our relationships with these individuals also guarantees the best produce and meat is provided to our company and farmers and suppliers are treating ethically and fairly.

Our Team

Our small team of people and positive work environment ensures Hopewell & Grace stays dedicated to our mission of providing quality, safe meals to your table and that all food preparation and handling is managed with the highest level of care. In our kitchen, we work diligently to always minimize risk and handpick the best produce and meat available. Every member of our team believes in nurturing a healthy community of customers, farmers, culinary professionals, and support staff.

Our High Standards

Our company strictly follows all local public health mandates and regulations, regarding masks, vaccination, and social distancing. Our procedures for certifying food safety and sanitation exceed industry standards. Our team is educated to ensure all of our workspaces are clean, safe, healthy, and positive.

We follow thorough handwashing guidelines issued by the FDA and CDC, and team members change gloves regularly. We disinfect all high-touch surfaces often throughout the day.

Our customers are our family, so we want to make sure they are provided with the highest quality and safest meals possible. Hopewell & Grace Agri Diner wants you to know you are getting a meal that promotes the health and well-being of your family and our community. Out of an abundance of caution, we follow the guidance of the following regulatory organizations: Ohio Department of Health Ohio Department of Agriculture Ohio Environmental Protection Agency CDC USDA OSHA US Food and Drug Administration